The UK's leading supplier of Lathe Speed Controls!

Supplier to industry and model engineers since 1987

For any machining job there is a cutting speed that is just right, and with full speed control you can always find the speed that gives no tool chatter and a perfect machined finish. With our Mitsubishi Electric variable frequency inverter drives, and new three phase motors, the full potential of your lathe or machine tool can be finally unleashed.

At Newton Tesla we take pride in our full aftersales and technical support to help you get your lathe speed control system up and running. Our Technical support service is available 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.  

We have Variable Speed Control solutions available to suit most machines including;

  • MYFORD ML7, SUPER 7, 254 & ML10 / Speed 10, VMB
  • RAGLAN Mk5 and "Little John" Centre Lathes.
  • Boxford, Southbend, Colchester.
  • Milling machines including Tom-Senior, Bridgeport, VMC
  • WARCO BV-20, WMT300, BH600, GH1332, 918 to name but a few.
  • Union Graduate & Jubilee Wood working lathes.

Just some machine operations made easier with variable speed control... 

  • Screw-cutting
  • Tapping blind holes from the tailstock
  • Parting off / or facing off large diameter bars
  • Drilling operations from the tailstock
  • Reaming operations
  • Setup / centering of 4 jaw chucks

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